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The appeal to the politics

The appeal to the politics

LANSKY, GANZGER + Partner, as one of the co-founder of Slovak Compliance Circle (SCC) which is the inherent part of the Rule of Law initiative, stands for transparency and fairness not only in the business sphere. We consider a functional rule of law to be the essential prerequisite for a stable and predictable business environment.

In fact, Slovakia is lagging behind the world's most advanced countries in terms of the quality of public institutions and subsequent law enforcement. According to the World Competitiveness Index, we are on the 61st position in this respect. Therefore, on November 26th, 2019 SCC together with 12 partner business associations and chambers of commerce have appealed to the political parties and pointed out worsened competitiveness of Slovakia.

They had prepared two strategic documents:

- Ten Commandments for Fair and  Predictable Business and

- Ten Commandments for a Country of Talent.

At the same time, the authors of the initiative call in unison on political parties to hold expert discussion within the ongoing election campaign. They invited the relevant pro-European parties to a discussion with representatives of the broad business community.

Here you can find the complete press release or you can watch news in the main Slovak TV news.