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Right of way and passage through the land

Right of way and passage through the land

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the renowned national daily newspaper Pravda, we were again approached to provide readers with legal advice on the right of way and through passage cross the land - garden.

Is there a difference between a right of way and a passage? Does the registered right of way and passage through our land automatically transfer to the new owner? How can a new owner reclassify land as building land, build a house there and then demand, for example, request the driveway through our land?

Rights of using and other burdens related to a specific property inducted in the relevant part of the Cadastral portal (office) are a frequent content of the information entered and recorded on the title deed. The bur is a right in rem, when, on the one hand, the owner of the property is obliged something to accept, act or abstain, for the benefit of someone else. We distinguish the burden according to their object, i. e. in favor of whom or what such is restriction affecting.

In the article prepared by our colleague Barbora Lord, we will inform you about basic information on the relevant topic, we will define the subjects of the burden, its content and also information on how it is possible to establish the burden.

The full text of the article, which is only in the Slovak language, was published in an enclosure to the Pravda: Garden. If you have any other questions that you did not find in the article, please contact us and we will be appreciated to advise you.