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Online conference

with the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic

Online conference

LANSKY, GANZGER + Partner is one of the co-founder of the association Slovak Compliance Circle, which is the inherent part of the Rule of Law Initiative created by business community. Main goal of the initiative is to react on lack of a transparent and systematic legislative process, negative state of the judiciary and high tolerance level of corruption in Slovakia. 

Members of the Rule of Law Initiative participated on December 3rd, 2020 in a videoconference with experts from the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic. Business leaders evaluated the current state of rule of law in Slovakia and highlighted problems with frequent abuse of the legislative process.

Rule of Law Initiative representatives appreciated Ms. President having rule of law as one of her key priority areas and asked for her even more active role in safeguarding the principles of the predictable legislative process.

Experts participating in the online conference from the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic were Stanislav Gaňa (Director of the Legislative Department), Peter Kubina (Advisor to the President), Radovan Pala (Advisor to the President) and Andrej Schulcz (Domestic Affairs Officer).

Among Rule of Law initiative representatives also our partner Martin Jacko represented association Slovak Compliance Circle.