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News related to the Labour Code

News related to the Labour Code
  • From 01.01.2022, the one of the parts of the amendment to the Labour Code No. 76/2021 Coll. will be effective, which introduces a new termination ground on the employer's side - the possibility to terminate the employment relationship with an employee who has reached the age of 65 and at the same time the age for the old-age pension (note: other changes contained in the amendment in question have already entered into force on 01.03.2021). 
  • At the same time, we would also like to draw your attention to amendment No. 412/2021 Coll., effective from 15.11.2021, which regulates the employer's obligation to check the employee's proof of having overcome the COVID-19 disease or being a fully vaccinated person and to allow or not to allow him/her to enter the workplace accordingly. The employee can fulfill his/her obligation by free testing in front of the authorized person of the employer once every 7 days. If the employee refuse to prove himself, the situation would be considered as an obstacle on the part of the employee, without compensation for wages (or the employee agrees with the employer on compensation for wages, taking holiday, etc.). The employer is obliged to provide a sufficient quantity of antigenic self-tests, a suitable space for testing and to entrust an authorized person with the supervision of self-testing of employees. The employer shall store the antigen self-tests according to the producer's instructions; personal protective equipment necessary for the performance of self-testing according to the applicable legislation is provided by the employer at his own expense.
  • At the same time, the Slovak Government Bulletin was published on 18.11.2021 and 19.11.2021 the Decree of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic ordering measures in case of public health threat to limit mass events (No. 261) / establishments (No. 263), as well as the Decree (No. 262) effected of public health protection, a temporary measure for the entry of employees into the employer's workplace.

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JUDr. Barbora Lord, Senior Lawyer at LGP Bratislava