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LGP News 02/2021

LGP News 02/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been with us for a long time. Data on the number of infected, information on compulsory vaccination and individual pandemic waves are on the daily agenda and overshadow other important issues. Environmental and climate protection are increasingly being relegated to the sidelines, even though they are becoming ever more urgent.

In 2021, Earth Overshoot Day was already on 29 July – occurring 3 weeks earlier than last year, when due to the forced standstills, planes were grounded, up to 70 percent fewer cars were on the roads in some regions, and industrial production was scaled down. This unprecedented challenge for humanity was a – short-lived – blessing for our climate and environment.

In this issue with the thematic focus “Green Energy”, we look at environmental and climate protection through sustainable energy. Our expert on EU funding Alexander Egger has compiled an overview of all funding opportunities for the conversion to sustainable forms of energy. Environmental law expert Andreas Bauer has taken a close look at the new Renewable Energy Expansion Act was passed in the Austrian parliament this July.

LGP Senior Expert Counsel Ambassadors analyze developments in China’s green energy sector and consider the impact of the European Green Deal in the Western Balkans. Managing Partner Ronald Frankl explains how emissions trading supports climate neutrality and outlines the manifold benefits of transactions via blockchain. You can also read about the trending topics of electromobility, solar energy and a new regulation that can contribute to climate neutrality.

The advancement of mobility is an extremely exciting aspect of the current technological revolution. Electric mobility is one of the trends, alongside digitization, self-driving cars, and shared mobility. A view of the issue is provided by the managing partner of the Bratislava office - Martin Jacko.

In the case of the fight against global warming and environmental pollution - at the level of global process management - committed lawyers try to direct this development with the means of the law. We are also here to advance developments with all the professional means at our disposal - even if only with publications in which we inform and thereby perhaps also shape opinions. We hope and are actively working to ensure that the measures that have long been evidently necessary to curb the climate crisis are tackled with the urgency they deserve.

We wish you, our friends and clients, an exciting and informative read. 

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