SOS Subsidy

SOS Subsidy

Measures for entrepreneurs aimed on jobs sustainability support

Dated: 18.11.2020

In respect to re-declaring a state of emergency, and the measures taken in connection with it, the Slovak Government changed the scope and the conditions of the economic measures and state support provided through its "First Aid" project, currently updated as the "First Aid Plus" project.

This updated "First Aid Plus" project will apply to applications already submitted for the month of October 2020 and it further extends the implementation period of the economic measures from January to March 2021. Already existing applicants will receive amendments to their contracts. The starting time for the submitting of new applications and reports for the use of First Aid Plus is scheduled for the second week of November. An overview of MEASURES 1-4 can be found here:

MEASURE 5: SOS Subsidy

SOS subsidy shall be assigned to those who were working before pandemic coronavirus outbreak, had income from entrepreneurial activity or performed other self-employment activity and now are without any income.

Entitled Applicant for Measure 5: 

Natural person who:

  • is not performing an activity, which gives a rise to an income from dependent activity, from the performance of personal assistance activities, from entrepreneurial activity or other self-employed activity due to the crisis situation,
  • was performing this activity before announcement of crisis situation,
  • does not have any income from dependent activity, from entrepreneurial activity or other self-employed activity. 

Not only termination of employment, cancellation or suspension of a trade, etc., but also duration of employment in an employment relationship based on agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship, non-termination or non-suspension of a trade is considered non-performance under conditions if the natural person cannot perform this activity in times of crisis.

Other conditions for applicant:

Applicant is not 

  • receiving retirement pension, early retirement pension, disability pension, pension for workers in some professions, disability pension for workers in some professions, or similar benefits from abroad, if the aggregate of the amounts of these benefits is equal to or higher than 300 EUR / month,
  • a member of a household receiving benefit in material need,
  • receiving parental contribution, contribution for care provision, unemployment benefit. 

The applicant for SOS subsidy must be in the Register of Job seekers.

The amount of the subsidy 

Flat-rate sum of SOS subsidy shall be provided to the applicant in the amount of EUR 300 per month. 

Subsidy shall be provided for every month, in which conditions are fulfilled, even if those conditions are fulfilled only for the part of the month, but at least for 15 calendar days. 

In the case of a recipient of a pension benefit or a member of a household who was granted assistance in material need immediately after the termination of SOS, the amount of which is less than the monthly subsidy amount (EUR 300), the subsidy amount is determined as the difference between the monthly subsidy amount / assistance in material need that this person receives.  

The applicant shall submit a completed and signed application to the Labor Office of Social Affairs and the Family in whose territorial district he resides. 

The SOS subsidy in the "second wave" can be drawn for the first time in October 2020.


JUDr. Mária Porubská Tökölyová, advokát