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Business Breakfast Belarus Report

Lansky, Ganzger + partner Attorneys at Law (LGP) hosted the Business Breakfast Belarus on Tuesday, October 15th in Vienna.

Business Breakfast Belarus Report

More than 40 Austrian companies, embassy representatives and representatives of chambers of commerce and industry associations accepted the invitation to learn more about the outstanding potential for Austrian investors of the "Great Stone Industrial Park" special economic zone.

The invitation can be found HERE.

As official representatives of the Republic of Belarus, Her Excellency Ambassador Alena Kupchyna and Deputy Minister of Economy Elena Perminova explained the geographical, legal, administrative and financial advantages of the country as an investment destination. Sergey Vaytekhovsky, Deputy Director General of the Great Stone Industrial Park, explained in more detail the specific advantages and investment incentives in the newest Special Economic Zone of Belarus. Andreas Kettlgruber (Head of International Desk, Raiffeisen Bank International) and Vadim Matyushkin (Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, Priorbank) as well as Holger Muent (Head of Corporate Debt, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) reported on their positive experiences in supporting numerous investments in Belarus. These experiences were confirmed by the representative of Austrian company which has been operating successfully in the country for many years: KRONOSPAN, represented by David Brenner.

The event was moderated by Dietmar FellnerLGP Of Counsel and responsible for Belarus for many years as Austrian trade delegate in Moscow. Introductory remarks were delivered by Gabriel Lansky, founder and managing partner of LGP. Martin Jacko and other representatives from LGP Bratislava participated at the event.

We believe that this meeting was benefits for the participating companies and we see a prospect of expanding the industrial park in the future, thanks for our supporting activities. We can help you to get closer contact with representatives of state and other institutions in Belarus to develop further interests, which may be benefit with regard to the planning activities in the Republic of Belarus.

Andreas Kettlgruber, Head of International Desk, Raiffeisen Bank International; Vadim Matyushkin,Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, Priorbank; Holger Muent, Head of Corporate Debt, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Sergey Vaytekhovsky, Deputy Director General of the Great Stone Industrial Park; Elena Perminova, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic Belarus; Hubert Bertsch, President, Bertsch Holding; Alena Kupchyna, Ambassador of the Republic Belarus; Gabriel Lansky, Managing Partner, Lansky, Ganzger + partner; David Brenner, KRONOSPAN; Dietmar Fellner, Of Counsel