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AmChat with business leaders

AmChat with business leaders

A podcast of the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, which deals with current topics from the world of business and leadership and regularly brings attractive content for the business community, but also for a wider audience in Slovakia. 

Historically, the first podcast was recorded with Martin Jacko, the managing partner of our law firm, who talked to Ronald Blaško, the executive director of AmCham. As the pandemic still causes enormous economic damage and adversely affects the business environment, about the possibilities of solving the financial difficulties of entrepreneurs in the intentions of the Slovak legal system and related steps that can prevent further complications. 

You will learn what effective solutions to financial difficulties exist for entrepreneurs and also how the state can intervene in the whole process and when it can give a helping hand to entrepreneurs. We will also offer new adopted solutions that can make the situation easier for entrepreneurs. We will touch on the topics of temporary protection, how and for how long it can be obtained, as well as bankrupt, and the possibilities of its solution. We will explain what bankruptcy is and when is an entrepreneur obliged to file a petition for its declaration.

The whole topic is very complex, and it would take more time to cover it. It is good if entrepreneurs know about the existing possibilities, as the right steps can prevent further complications. As Martin Jacko added at the end: "Informal means and negotiations are definitely the good way. I see it both from my experience as a lawyer, but also from the experience of an insolvency administrator, which I have been practicing for more than 10 years."

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