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What we do

What we do


We advise our clients on major investments in infrastructure projects, especially the construction of highways, roads and railroads. Our services also include claim management procedures according to FIDIC contracts. Moreover, we help our clients to deal with the challenge of financing a project or industrial technology and operating large plants. In many cases, this involves consulting to benefit from investment incentives or apply for state aid.

Public procurement

In public procurement procedures, we prepare and further execute tenders for contracting authorities or advise bidders in the tender process and the revision process before the respective procurement authority. 

Restructuring & insolvency

In times of crisis, we help our clients to terminate or restructure their business and guide them through the process of liquidation, insolvency or restructuring. In doing so, we benefit from the expertise of our insolvency and restructuring administrator.


As co-founders and members of the association 'Slovak Compliance Circle' we are well experienced whith compliance topics. It is part of our daily business to review corporate structures and define proper solutions. 

Services for exporters

We bring comprehensive services for exporters upon their entry into foreign markets. We offer a helping hand to entrepreneurs in expanding their business plans beyond the territory of the Slovak Republic, where it is important to find your way in several new areas and find suitable partners.