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Workshops within the Slovak Compliance Circle

Workshops within the Slovak Compliance Circle

Slovak Compliance Circle is an association of legal entities that focuses on improving business ethics as well as on promoting and enforcing the principles of „compliance“ in Slovakia.

As one of the co-founding members of the Slovak Compliance Circle association, we would like to support and draw your attention to their currently upcoming events, a series of workshops on the topic of Ethical program.

The first workshop took place on 29th October 2020 and will focus on the Conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest are a natural part of business reality. It affects each of us from time to time and cannot be avoided, what we can do is to manage the risks. It's a complex topic, so let's look at how to grasp it? We will discuss together, share experiences and look for answers to various questions.

Other workshops will be organized on the following days:

  • 12th November 2020 – topic: Ethical code,
  • 26th November 2020 – topic: Ethical lines / whistleblowing
  • 10th December 2020 – topic: The prevention of corrupt behavior.

Throughout the whole series of workshops, you will be led by Mr. Ivan Skaloš who will share his experience, present examples and answer your questions.

The second part of club’s workshop on the topic of Employment relationships focusing on a Prohibition of competitive activities took place on 26th October 2020. The speaker of the workshop was Mr. Doc. JUDr. Juraj Hamuľák, PhD., who works in the Department of labour law and social security law at Comenius University in Bratislava and is an attorney specializing on labour law. The workshop with an expert who guided you through interesting topics and answered all your questions!