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What is Rule of Law?

What is Rule of Law?

LANSKY, GANZGER + Partner as one of the co-founder of Slovak Compliance Circle - SCC, which is the inherent part of the Rule of Law initiative, stand for transparency and fairness not only in the business sphere.

Rule of Law (RoL) is an initiative that was created in 2014 by business community and looks at the issues relating to the functioning of Slovakia as state of law. The business community consists of business and employers’ associations, chambers of commerce which they want to react professionally and objectively on the worsening state of the judiciary, lack of a transparent and systematic legislative process and higher tolerance level of corruption in Slovakia through this initiation.

Main fields of initiative:

  • Transparency and predictability of the legislative process - in this field, they are focusing on issues related to a systematic approach to communication with representatives of the business environment, impact assessment studies and the introduction of a transparent mechanism for commenting on Members' proposals.
  • Corruption as a negative and harmful factor for the reputation of Slovakia - Slovakia is rated as a country with a high level of corruption in the world. Corruption threatens the rule of law, negatively affects the decency and social justice of the country, affects costs of business and deters potential investors.
  • A transparent and efficient judiciary as solid base for domestic and foreign investors – the transparent and effective justice is an essential element of a stable and predictable business environment according to the business community. They analyze problems with the long duration of legal disputes in Slovakia, which limit the investment possibilities of the company and the unpredictability of rulings by courts, so that they can propose options for professional solutions.

The Rule of Law coalition consists of 14 business associations

Fields of recent activities:

  • Upgrade of the system of electronic public procurement for contract procurement with low value operated by the Public Procurement Authority;
  • Request to the members of the National Council to ensure the mandatory publication of low value contracts;
  • Call for responsible approach to the election of judges of the Constitutional Court;
  • Categorical opinions on the nomination of candidates for the chairman as well as members of the Council of Public Procurement Authority;
  • The letter addressed to the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová, asking her to veto the Public Procurement Act, scandalously approved in the parliament. The President of the Slovak Republic has vetoed the Public Procurement Act.
  • Set of 2 strategic documents (the Ten Commandments for Fair and Predictable Business and the Ten Commandments for a Country of Talent) aimed at improving the business environment in Slovakia and support talents for our country with appeal on political parties to listen properly to the voice of business entities in Slovakia.
  • Published an opinion responding to the government-approved abolition of highway tolls, the introduction of 13th pensions, or the doubling of child benefits.
  • Prepared specific recommendations for better law enforcement, reform of the education system, or more modern employment rules even before the parliamentary elections.
  • Contribution to update of the National Anti-Corruption Program, prepared by the Government Office, to ensure that reflects the concerns of the wider business community.