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Slovak Compliance Days 2019

The 6th Annual Conference Slovak Compliance Days 2019

Slovak Compliance Days 2019

The 6th Annual Conference Slovak Compliance Days 2019 took place 11th - 12th November 2019 at the Bratislava Water Museum in Bratislava. The organizer of this unique event was the association of Slovak Compliance Circle (SCC) and we, as one of the founding member of SCC, are very proud to continue fulfilling our goal to support and create space for a transparent and ethical business environment.

Viera Kolláriková from our law firm performed among the speakers with an interesting lecture. She dealt with the topic: Cross-border (compliance) managers' liability which started a long debate.

The main topic of this-year-conference is INDIVIDUAL IN THE COMPLIANCE. At the conference were discussed topics such as: whistleblower, employee and compliance, European institutions and associations and their mission in building business ethics and compliance rules. At the beginning, one block was dedicated to: Respect, Integrity and Fair Play. Why do they have no firm place in our culture, why do we need them and how to get them there? What is the role of leaders and the need for positive examples in different spheres of society? Integrity is a long-term aspiration. Setting the right mindset in an organization is a big challenge. Let's understand what affects people's decisions in problematic situations. Employees face ethical dilemmas more often than they realize. What is more effective - precise rules or principles? Let us help people make conscious decisions.

A very interesting and inspiring discussion was with Mikuláš Dzurinda, who was the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic in 1998 and 2002. The discussion was moderated by Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová and touched a number of delicate matters that resonate in the society during this period. Interesting was his view of political decision-making and related compromises, where Mr. Dzurinda explained that "a politician makes political compromises, but not moral compromises".

More than 20 speakers from various companies will present interesting knowledge on selected topics such as: Július Benko (Tatra Banka), Peter Dedík (Slovak Football Association), Mikuláš Dzurinda (Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies), Lýgia Fullbrook (KPMG), Lucia Groneová (IBM), Joppe Jansen (MSD), Ivana Molnárová (Profesia), Nima Motazed (Swiss Re Slovakia), Anna Remišová (Faculty of Management, Comenius University), Martin Sasinek (Mercedes-Benz Slovakia), Margaret Starka (BE-DNA), Silvija Vig (CODUPO, Croatia), Zuzana Wienk (Aliancie Fair-play) and many others. You can find a complete program with speakers HERE.

Information about SCC:

The Slovak Compliance Circle was established to support and promote the principles of ethical behaviour and the development of compliance in the Slovak business environment through the mutual sharing of standards and practical experience. Lansky, Ganzger & Partner is one of the co-founder of SCC association, together with KMPG Slovensko spol. s r. o and Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our company considers this association as a meaningful initiative because only a properly functioning system should comply with the rules. Compliance standards serve as a guide to maintaining ethical and long-term business conduct. As member we are helping and developing the level of ethical behaviour and contributing to the improvement of the legal and social environment in Slovakia.