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Russia-Ukraine Conflict

New Challenges Ahead

Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The current situation has put us all in a situation we believed we would never be in again. The armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine has shaken the world. People’s lives are in danger and many business operations have stopped working. Among other things, the European Union is providing humanitarian aid to refugees escaping Ukraine. 

However, the businesses, as the vehicles for payment of salaries and taxes inter alia of escaping persons, are often left behind. Our law firms are prepared to find a suitable legal solution for any person affected by the current Russia- Ukraine conflict, be it under the laws of the Slovak Republic or Austria.


The Slovak Republic as one of Ukraine’s neighboring countries, accepts the entry of escaping people across its external border and offers them protection. With respect to this stressful and unfortunate situation, various legal regulations apply. The same applies to Austria, although not being a is not a direct neighboring state of Ukraine. 

We are prepared to assist individuals and companies with respect to the relocation of persons to the Slovak Republic or Austria. Currently, the Government of the Slovak Republic and Austria provide temporary refuge to all Ukrainians escaping from the armed conflict. Such persons are then entitled to work in the in the Slovak Republic or Austria, respectively. 

As a result of the EU’S Mass Influx Directive, the member states of the EU (except Denmark) have to apply certain rules for a group of displaced people as defined in the Decision of the European Council. According to this, displaced people are under the protection of temporary refuge. Such displaced people are entitled to work and live in the Slovak Republic until 31.12.2022 and in Austria until 3.3.2023. This time period may be extended based on the development of the situation in Ukraine. 

Therefore, it is – in general – also possible to transfer the Ukrainian employees of a company with a branch or seat of the employer in the Slovak Republic or in Austria.

Our law firms are able to provide the clients with all legal aid and advise with respect to migration and relating topics.

Relocation/Establishment of Business in the Slovak Republic / in Austria

Besides the humanitarian tragedy, the current situation has caused also the suspension of businesses or their operations have been significantly negatively affected.

As member states of the European Union, the Slovak Republic and Austria are suitable locations for relocating or establishing businesses.

Whether it is transferring of business operations or the establishment of new companies, we are prepared to advise the clients on all related issues such as:

  • determining the appropriate form of business,
  • finding suitable premises (office, production, warehouse, etc.),
  • handling of employment relationships,
  • assistance in finding suitable business partners for the continuation of the business,
  • all other matters connected with the operation of the business.

We provide such services for companies in all business sectors (light and heavy industry, services, e-business, etc.).

Finance and Sanctions

The current situation has also an impact on the financial sphere of the lives of citizens and residents of the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, or clients of financial institutions that have certain ties to the Russian capital. Besides the sanctions list imposed by European Union, or other relevant community, the ordinary people were affected. Ukrainian, Russian and Belarussian citizens are subject to various restrictions in the banking sector.

Our lawyers are here to assess the situation and to protect and enforce the legal interests of the affected individuals. We also represent our clients before banks and financial institutions also with a view to lifting restrictions imposed on their accounts if they are illegal or unlawful.

With respect to the individuals directly affected by the sanctions, our law firms have extensive track records representing such clients and therefore are prepared to represent their interests even before the respective courts (such as The Court of Justice of the European Union).


If the situation in Ukraine leads to a relocation of the center of life or to a transfer of domicile, this can lead to very significant changes in taxation. In order to avoid ambiguities, it is important to clarify the relevant tax issues as soon as possible and to consider the possible views of the tax authorities.

Thinking out of the box

LGP Vienna and LGP Slovakia as European law firms are prepared to develop together with LGP Skopje and LGP Kazakhstan and other partners all over the world tailormade and appropriate solutions for our clients.