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Rule of Law Initiative calls on legislative predictability

Rule of Law Initiative calls on legislative predictability

Organizations united in the Rule of Law Initiative are deeply concerned with frequent recent breaches of standard legislative procedures. They have therefore prepared a draft opinion, the aim of which is to respond critically to repeated violations of the rules of the legislative process at the level of the National Council as well as at the governmental level. They perceive them in private conflict not only with the promoted principles, but also with the Program Statement of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

They call on the Slovak Government as well as the members of the National Council to respect the rules as well as open discussion on improvements in the legislative process that were presented by the Rule of Law Initiative in the document: Ten Commandments for Fair and Predictable Business. Adherence to the principles of a transparent and inclusive legislative process and strengthening dialogue with the professional public in pursuing reform intentions are crucial. The amendment of the Constitution through parliamentary amendments, the "smuggling" of the principles of pension reform into the amendment to the Constitution, the absence of expert discussion in changes in public procurement justified by the state of emergency, as well as several other situations are, in our opinion, a sufficient impetus for a public response.

Full statement can be found HERE (pdf) 

LANSKY, GANZGER + Partner is one of the co-founder of the association Slovak Compliance Circle, which is the inherent part of the Rule of Law Initiative created by business community. Main goal of the initiative is to react on lack of a transparent and systematic legislative process, negative state of the judiciary and high tolerance level of corruption in Slovakia.