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Q&A – Sale of Real Estate

Purchase agreement of real estate on unfavourable terms

Q&A – Sale of Real Estate

As part of our ongoing cooperation with the renowned national daily Pravda, we were again approached to provide a legal opinion for readers. Nowadays, there are more and more cases where people conclude purchase agreement and later find out that the agreement was concluded under unfavourable conditions. We would like to provide information, how to proceed in this case, whether it is possible to withdraw from the contract in any way and how.

We answer the following questions from readers:

  1. The buyer has signed a purchase agreement of real estate under unfavourable terms. Is it possible to withdraw from the agreement or to challenge the agreement in any way and how?
  2. When can you withdraw from the purchase agreement?
  3. How are distress and adverse conditions assessed in such cases?
  4. How is the amount not paid to the seller dealt with?
  5. How can the seller prove that he has not received any money?
  6. What to look out for when buying a property - what should not be missing in the agreement and when do you advise not to sign the contract? 

You can read the legal opinion in the article:

Advice: Is it possible to cancel an unfavourable purchase agreement?

The assessment is conceived more general in order to help also a wider range of readers who could find themselves in a similar situation.