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Our cooperation and memberships

Our cooperation and memberships

Slovak Compliance Circle

The Slovak Compliance Circle initiative is a professional association of legal entities, which was founded with the aim of supporting and promoting compliance standards and ethical behaviour within the Slovak business environment. Our law firm is one of the founding members of this initiative. Martin Jacko, as a long-term member of the board of directors and current member of an advisory board, provides the association with professional support and advice in the field of law as well as in strategic and operational direction.


AmCham Slovakia

The American Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1993 as an independent and self-sufficient organization in order to support and improve the business environment in Slovakia. For a long time, he has also been involved in connecting businesses with the academic sphere and serves as one of the most active foreign chambers of commerce in Slovakia. At present, its current membership list containing more than 350 international and Slovak companies, including many of the largest and most important firms in Slovakia. 


Rule of Law Initiative

Rule of Law is an initiative that was created in 2014 by business community and looks at the issues relating to the functioning of Slovakia as state of law. The business community consists of business and employers’ associations, chambers of commerce which they want to react professionally and objectively on the worsening state of the judiciary, lack of a transparent and systematic legislative process and higher tolerance level of corruption in Slovakia through this initiation.


BIM Association Slovakia

BIM Association Slovakia is an organization focused on the application of construction information model technology (so-called BIM) in professional practice at the level of all participants in the design and construction process within the entire life cycle of the construction. Our law firm contributes to the creation of conditions, the legislative and standard framework of BIM, as well as to the promotion of its benefits.



Our law firm has become a member of the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce, an association of legal entities from various industries, which aims to support and develop relations between entrepreneurs of the Slovak and Austrian Republics in several fields – trade, industry, agriculture, finance, transport, technology, etc. In addition to improving economic relations within these countries, this association contributes to solving business issues, represents the interests of its members and provides the public and members the relevant information about the market situation. 


We are also a member of a working group for electronic and digitization of construction administration in connection with the current preparation of building regulations, which operates at the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.