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Online discussion with OECD experts

Online discussion with OECD experts

On 18th December 2020, an online discussion on the current state of rule of law in Slovakia was held with experts from The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

The discussion was very productive and balanced, reflecting on the activities of the Rule of Law Initiative, emphasizing especially the need for:

  • more transparent legislative process on the parliamentary level,
  • strengthening fair competition in the context of the upcoming public procurement reform. 

The main topic of discussion was integrity, the elimination of the potential for corruption and compliance within the private sector. Participants of discussion had also an opportunity to contribute their opinions and experiences in issues related with:

  • the relationship between the government and the private sector in the field of integrity,
  • main concerns and challenges of companies within the public integrity in Slovakia,
  • a possibility of promoting integrity and anti-corruption by government in relation to the private sector.

What could the government do more to promote integrity and anti-corruption in relation to the private sector?

The discussion was attended by a representative of the Rule of Law initiative Michal KrčméryGabriela Šaturová(representative of the AmCham association), OECD experts: Jeroen Michels and Pauline Bertrand and our managing partner Martin Jacko was also involved as one of the co-founder of the association Slovak Compliance Circle, which is the inherent part of the Rule of Law Initiative created by business community.