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LGP advises: Share co-owners

LGP advises: Share co-owners

In the renowned national daily Pravda, you will find our answer to the question about the share of co-ownership in inheriting real property from a legal point of view. If several heirs inherit real estate and at the same time each of them has a different opinion of how to handle it, there might be a problem on the horizon.

In the following article, we will look together:

  • at the rights and obligations of the co-owners;
  • what are the rules by deciding co-owners about a common matter or
  • how the co-owners can resolve any disagreements (by court or mediation, what´s better?).

Our colleague Barbora Lord dealt with this issue and you can read the full text of the article (the article is only in the Slovak language): https://zahrada.pravda.sk/zahrada/clanok/610266-co-so-zdedenou-zahradou-ked-sa-dedici-nevedia-dohodnut/

If you have any other questions that you did not find in the article or you need another advice, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: office@lansky.sk