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Issue of building permissions

Explanation of the new process of issuing building permissions

Issue of building permissions

In cooperation with Denník N, we would like to present to you the prepared proposals for the change of the Building Act. In this article, we will look at how building permissions to a new should be processed. In cooperation with Martin Jacko, from our law firm, we will summarize the processes in the new acts step by step and look at the details of the individual procedure.

The proposals are prepared by the Deputy Prime Minister for Legislation Štefan Holý (Sme rodina). The acts have not been submitted for Inter-Ministerial Comment Procedure yet. After comment procedure, they still have to be approved by the government and parliament. According to the drafts, they should take effect from the new year.

The new acts should speed up the issue of building permissions for large projects as well as family houses, and there will be more new changes:

  • the designer first develops and submits the construction plan, then the project,
  • those who do not comment within the time limit the fiction shall apply that they have no comments,
  • three processes are merged into one,
  • the new building act is intended to speed up the issue of building permissions.

You can read the full text of the article (the article is only available in Slovak language): Denník N - How do you arrange new building permission? We explain Holý’s acts proposals.

We have also prepared a webinar for you on the topic of Construction law – current challenges and necessary changes, which you can hear at any time. It is in the Slovak language.