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Info magazine LGP News 1/2019

Info magazine LGP News 1/2019

In our issue 01/2019 of our info magazine LGP News you can read that year 2018 has been important for us due to the development of the cooperation with international alliance of lawyers and tax advisors providing global legal and tax advise Andersen Global. You can get an overview about goals and intentions of our cooperation in the interview with Andersen CEO Mark Vorsatz on pages 18 – 21.

Likewise, the controversially discussed future topics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are gaining legal ground. In the articles on pages 10 – 15, you obtain information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the legal framework conditions for smart contracts and conditions that need to be created in the company.

For our special focus on “Wealth Management” we take a closer look at Austria as an asset location. We demonstrate why wealth management is more than just managing assets and that there are certain advantages to targeted legal advice for a safe asset succession in family businesses.

Finally, you will discover how the Vienna-Bratislava region is becoming the logistics hub of the future and how is our company a central point of contact for companies looking for a competent legal partner in dealing with Russian speaking markets.

We wish you fascinating and informative reading of the whole magazine.