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Info magazine LGP News 02/2020

Info magazine LGP News 02/2020

The pandemic is leading to a reassessment of the need for regulation worldwide. Old neoliberal concepts that rejected regulation to help the market break through failed in both health and economic policy. Sacrosanct temples of European law, such as European state aid law, must be reassessed. At the same time, joint procurement processes for vaccines are beginning at EU level in an unprecedented way. We will deal with this paradigm shift in detail in this and the next issues of our magazine. 

Starting on page 14, LGP Managing Partner Julia Andras provides examples of the restructuring measures required under labor law to save domestic companies from the threat of insolvency without having to sacrifice a large part of their workforce to unemployment. In contrast, Klaus M. Steinmaurer, Managing Director for Telecommunications and Mail at RTR GmbH, reports on new challenges in telecommunications law and current regulatory practices in connection with IoT in a detailed guest article. 

The reform package for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2020, recently adopted by the 27 EU Agriculture Ministers, is progressive and particularly environmentally friendly. This issue also explains why EU farmers will benefit more than ever from greater commitment to climate protection and biodiversity in the coming years.

In today ‘s disruptive and constantly changing business environment, clients expect not only reliable services but also higher efficiency, greater flexibility and, in addition to solutions tailored to their companies, the ability to anticipate new developments. LGP Slovakia can help companies in adverse economic situations, taking in mind, that the amendment to the so-called the "Lex Corona" Act, which provided temporary protection for businesses, expires on December 31, 2020. We are also following with great interest legal news in the field of public procurement, where an amendment to the Public Procurement Act is currently a much-discussed topic.

In the Slovak Republic it is possible to seek for damage compensation towards the state due to the unlawful decision or wrong official procedure within the context of the pandemic measures. There are several legitimate reasons as well as different interpretations of the law. As the legal framework and the possible consequences of this unique pandemic situation are indeed very interesting, we will closely monitor the development of these new legal provisions. This will enable us to ensure the maximum protection of our clients‘ rights and, if necessary, to demand adequate compensation.

We wish you exciting and informative reading!

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