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Info Magazine LGP NEWS 01/2021

Info Magazine LGP NEWS 01/2021

We are an international law firm that sympathizes with the fate and concerns of our clients. Every day, we perceive and realize the serious consequences of this pandemic for our clients' businesses. And we feel a high degree of uncertainty as to the ability to plan and predict the processes that have arisen and continue to arise as a result of a pandemic. However, we also see many clients who have been able to make a virtue out of need and found the right way for their type of business to adapt their products and services to the "new era". We strongly support them in this regard. We work with a team of experts daily to bring as much light as possible to the problems, or - in other words - we try to provide advice in difficult times.

Like many others, we have become involuntary experts on this new situation. We already created a portal with Legal aspects of the coronavirus in the second wave, to prepare opinions on your most frequently asked questions. We receive excellent feedback for our content on social media channels and are represented on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and also, for the younger generation, on TikTok

At the newest LGP News, you can read about a new legal instrument of temporary protection of entrepreneurs in financial difficulties in Slovakia. A new package of laws is therefore intended to enable financially stricken entrepreneurs to continue their business, prevent the loss of jobs and know-how, and lead to higher satisfaction of creditors’ claims. To bridge the current aggravated phase, the Slovak government has adopted also financial aid for employers and self-employed persons called First aid ++. Employers may request new financial assistance from the relevant ministry as the crisis has caused them serious liquidity problems.

The pandemic makes it easy to forget that there are big fateful issues that have currently been unjustly overshadowed: a digitalisation offensive in the world of work, consequences of climate change and also political and economic changes in the international economy that are making our location in Europe weaker, not stronger. At the same time, we are experiencing a European Union that, from the point of view of many economic participants and those affected, does not have the strength that we would wish for to be able to survive in geopolitical competition. 

What is needed at this time – as we believe and also live by example every day – are advisors who see the whole picture. Advisors who have excellent knowledge of the Slovak and international legal system. Advisors who also understand that the law is only one part of a solution approach. We are guided by the conviction that we owe you holistic solutions. We do this with our Slovak and international team of experts – and especially at the interface of law, economics, technology and politics.

We wish you a pleasant and informative reading!

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