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Info magazine LGP News 01/2020

Info magazine LGP News 01/2020

The issue 01/2020 of our information magazine LGP News has a special thematic section “Coronavirus”, where we examine many important questions raised by the pandemic regarding the economy, law, and society. We illustrate changes resulting from the crisis and knock-on effects we should prepare for in the future. Within the scope of our main topic, we examine different legal fields including labour law aspects, as well as innovations in insolvency law or company law.

Strategy consultant Markus Petzl and LGP managing partner Gerald Ganzger discuss possible opportunities and challenges of the current crisis. Philipp Freund spoke with LGP Senior Expert Counsel Heinz Mayer and Manfred Matzka as well as the firm's founder Gabriel Lansky about the constitutional conformity of Covid measures, legal reservations in the area of fundamental law, and legal scope for interpretation.

Journalist Ján Füle talked with one of the managing partners of the Bratislava branch - Martin Jacko about current topics and his expectations for the company´s direction. You can read the information about Corona measures for business entities in Slovakia as the current situation prompted the Slovak government to adopt several measures to eliminate economic impacts associated with the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

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