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EXPORT AIR – the podcast for Slovak exporters

EXPORT AIR – the podcast for Slovak exporters

As a law firm, we bring comprehensive services for exporters upon their entry into foreign markets. We offer a helping hand to entrepreneurs in expanding their business plans beyond the territory of the Slovak Republic, where it is important to find your way in several new areas and find suitable partners.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Council of Slovak Exporters, which was established as a support for all Slovak businesses which either export or have the ambition to access foreign markets, we bring you a new episode in the EXPORT AIR podcast. Martin Jacko discussed the foreign direction of our law firm and especially about representing the interests of business entities in the international environment.

You can listen to the podcast here: AK Lansky, Ganzger & Partner zastupuje záujmy podnikateľov vo viac ako 130 lokalitách by ExportAir (anchor.fm)

The topic of export support is very complex. The entrepreneur, entering the foreign market, should also assess the quality and suitability of the business environment which is often determined by the political system of a given country and the directly related legal order. The advice we provide touches on areas that a business entity should have identified before the actual performance of business activities, and we can summarize it simply in the following points:

  • legal and financial review of the business partner,
  • legal analysis of customs, tax, other regulations and the transaction itself,
  • registration, preparation of documentation and contractual security. 

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