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Legal regulation of crypto-assets


Nowadays, almost everyone knows what a crypto-asset is or at least knows that it exists. We can say that it is a much-discussed topic throughout the world, especially among experts from the financial world. In recent years, we could notice that the crypto market is constantly increasing, together with crypto-asset trading and the overall demand in crypto-assets. However, what is the legal regulation of crypto-assets in the Slovak legal system? Is there a regulation that would protect consumers or investors who are trying to enter into start-up projects? 

The first regulation of crypto assets in the Slovak Republic was mentioned in the amendment to Act no. 213/2018 Coll. on insurance tax and on the amendment of certain laws in the field of tax law, which defined the taxation of income in connection with the sale of virtual currency. At the beginning of 2020, the Fifth AML Directive entered into force, responding to the risks associated with crypto-asset trading. In our new article you can learn more information as well as other legal regulations concerning crypto-assets in the Slovak legal system.

In the article, you will also learn about the legal regulation of crypto-assets under EU law, what proposal the European Union has presented and what services or activities it will regulate in relation to crypto-assets, as well as the obligations applicable to each legal entity offering crypto-assets publicly. The proposal should come into force in 2024.

You can read comprehensive information on the mentioned topics in our article, which was published in the renowned online journal Epravo.sk, which is an information source for lawyers, representatives of the public sector and the management of Slovak companies.