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Andersen Guides - Dismissals

Andersen Guides - Dismissals

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, several protection measures have been taken which have led to the closure of various service establishments. This situation, exacerbated by uncertainty about further developments, puts employers in an unfavourable economic situation, which leads to a reduction in costs and causes changes in labour law relations. Organizational changes mainly concern employees, specifically the termination of their employment or collective dismissals.

Termination of employment with an employee must be lawful in all circumstances. European countries are regulated with the same principles, however, there are considerable differences that make sometimes difficult for employers of multinational companies to gain an overview of how terminations work in different European jurisdictions. That is why Andersen Global, through the members and collaborating firms and its European Employment Practice, has prepared a practical guide that provides an overview of the most relevant aspects of termination procedures for employees in 21 European countries.  

Each of the 21 countries has its country report, summarizing its individual and collective dismissal rules (reasons for terminating the employment relationship, duration of the notice period, the entitlement to severance pay, the invalidity of termination of employment, etc.) as well as formal requirements that must be observed. 

We are pleased to be able to work with Andersen Global and other collaborating members to create a guide in the field of labor law from the perspective of different countries on the European continent.

We believe that the guide, that you can download HERE, will be of interest and provide you with useful information.