We open new doors

Slovakia is a country with great potential for international investments. At the same time, the market includes domestic companies of international relevance. These market players are operating abroad, with active support of Lansky, Ganzger & Partner Rechtsanwälte, spol. s r.o. (LGP Slovakia).

LGP Slovakia serves as a cornerstone of our Vienna-based law firm’s international set-up: we bridge boundaries, connect markets, and create opportunities. Be it in our CEE home markets, the CIS, or Asia. In doing so, we address individual needs and draw on an international network that reaches beyond Europe and the CIS region. Thus, we enable our clients to work across several jurisdictions.

LGP offers legal services for national and international clients who seek to manage their business in a pragmatic way. We solve a wide range of legal issues in day-to-day business life.

We strongly focus on the following fields of expertise:

  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Reality development
  • Logistics, custom law
  • Public procurement

Our international set-up

  • Offices in Vienna, Bratislava and Astana.
  • Lawyers from more than 20 nations form “international desks”.
  • Our range includes mainly the countries of Europe, CEE, CIS and Asia.
  • Our network includes local partner firms in over 50 countries.
  • As of July 2018, LGP Bratislava is collaborating with the international association of legally independent member firms providing worldwide tax and legal advice – Andersen Global.

Areas of Competence

  • Corporate law
  • M & A
  • Infrastructure / construction law
  • Real estate
  • Public procurement
  • Competition law
  • Energy law
  • Bank and finance law
  • Capital markets
  • Financing from EU and public funds
  • Insolvency and restructuring law
  • Transport law
  • Environmental law
  • Labour law
  • Arbitration and litigation
  • Compliance

We are an international law firm that sympathizes with the fate and concerns of our clients. Every day, we perceive and realize the serious consequences of this pandemic for our clients' businesses. And we feel a high degree of uncertainty as to the ability to plan and predict the processes that have arisen and continue to arise as a result of a pandemic. However, we also see many clients who have been able to make a virtue out of need and found the right way for their type of business to adapt their products and services to the "new era". We strongly support them in this regard. We work with a team of experts daily to bring as much light as possible to the problems, or - in other words - we try to provide advice in difficult times.

Like many others, we have become involuntary experts on this new situation. We already created a portal with Legal aspects of the coronavirus in the second wave, to prepare opinions on your most frequently asked questions. We receive excellent feedback for our content on social media channels and are represented on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and also, for the younger generation, on TikTok



Lansky, Ganzger & Partner Rechtsanwälte, spol. s r.o. was ranked as a Recommended Law Firm in the categories: 

Corporate law 

Dispute resolution

at the Slovak Law Firm of the Year Awards. 

Law firm of the year in Slovakia is an independent survey which collects information about law firms; in the form of legal persons, associations of legal or natural persons or individuals; and review the law firms' overall performance in a practice area.

"The awards especially belong to our colleagues, without their involvement and enthusiasm we would not be able to reach such an award" said managing partner JUDr. Martin Jacko and continued: "We are committed to becoming a place where we provide the highest standard of legal services in finding solutions that meet the individual requirements and needs of clients and we are constantly expanding our expertise in the provision of legal services.”

You can read more information here.

Our cooperation and memberships

You can read more information about our work HERE.


TREND Barometer is a regular survey of opinions of representatives of economic life on the most important current topics of the Slovak economy and business. Questions are asked by the Trend editorial staff on a regular basis with respect to those topics that resonate in our society. You can read HERE individual answers and opinions of the managing partner - Martin Jacko.