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Slovakia is a country with great potential for international investments. At the same time, the market includes domestic companies of international relevance. These market players are operating abroad, with active support of Lansky, Ganzger, Jacko & Partner, s. r. o. (LGP Slovakia).

LGP Slovakia serves as a cornerstone of our Vienna-based law firm’s international set-up: we bridge boundaries, connect markets, and create opportunities. Be it in our CEE home markets, the CIS, or Asia. In doing so, we address individual needs and draw on an international network that reaches beyond Europe and the CIS region. Thus, we enable our clients to work across several jurisdictions.

LGP offers legal services for national and international clients who seek to manage their business in a pragmatic way. We solve a wide range of legal issues in day-to-day business life.

We strongly focus on the following fields of expertise:

  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Reality development
  • Logistics, custom law
  • Public procurement

Our international set-up

  • Offices in Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Dubai, Ras Al-Khaimah, Istanbul and Astana.
  • Lawyers from more than 20 nations form “international desks”.
  • Our range includes mainly the countries of Europe, CEE, CIS and Asia.
  • Our network includes local partner firms in over 50 countries.

LGP News 03/2022

Europe is lurching from crisis to crisis, and that is why we urgently need a functioning rule of law right now, which will create a secure framework with clear and acceptable rules, so that we can best face the many challenges we face today. In his contribution, Alexander Schall, an experienced corporate lawyer and trained psychoanalyst, explores the fascinating role that law plays in a society that walks a thin tightrope between violence, aggression and joie de vivre, and the extent to which law can contribute to society's ability to change and evolve in spite of enormous disruptions.  

The amendment to the Employment of Foreigners in Austria Act has brought about several important changes as of 1 October 2022, which decisively facilitate the access of highly skilled professionals from third countries to the Austrian labour market. In his article, managing partner and immigration law expert Valentin Neuser explains how these legal changes affect the current labour market situation.

A look at the progressive climate change and the dramatic rise in energy prices shows that we still have a long way to go towards a climate-neutral society. In his guest commentary, France's "Monsieur Hydrogène" Michel Delpon reports on what the road to a green hydrogen society might look like. 

Managing Partner Ronald Frankl examines smart contracts from a legal perspective, analyzes the benefits of the new DLT pilot regulation for securities token trading, and explains why withdrawing from Austria as of March 1, 2022 no longer prevents cryptocurrencies from being taxed under Austrian tax law.


This year we also participated in the Law Firm of the Year Awards in Slovakia, organized by the operator of the legal information portal www.epravo.sk and the publisher of the weekly magazine TREND. We managed to succeed in five categories and achieve the best success with the highest number of awards.

Law Firm of the Year Award is an independent survey that collects information about law firms in legal persons, the association of legal or natural persons or individuals. Its designations are based on law firms' overall performance in a given practice area. Lawyers and law firms are assessed based on several factors and criteria that they examine in detail. The aim of the competition is to provide the local market with an orientation in the key fields of law.

We are very happy to be announced as a

Highly Recommended Law Firm in four categories:

  • Development projects and real estate
  • Logistics and Transport Construction
  • Public Procurement
  • Health Law

and as a Recommended Law Firm in the category:

  • Dispute resolution

"Our Slovakian law firm LGP Lawyers has achieved an excellent rating in this year's Law Firm of the Year 2022," commented JUDr. Martin Jacko, managing partner of LGP Bratislava and adding: "Thank you to our colleagues for their great work and to our clients for their trust.

We would also like to thank all the clients and partners who provided references for our work.

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TREND Barometer is a regular survey of opinions of representatives of economic life on the most important current topics of the Slovak economy and business. Questions are asked by the Trend editorial staff on a regular basis with respect to those topics that resonate in our society. You can read HERE individual answers and opinions of the managing partner - Martin Jacko.