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Our approach

Our approach

Creating opportunities

Our team members at LGP Slovakia have a strong orientation towards the construction industry, infrastructure projects, industry, and automotive. Together with our partners from other professional areas we provide comprehensive solutions for a complete range of management tasks. Thus, we deliver intergrated advice from a single source, with technical, civil engineering, FIDIC management, management consultancy, tax and customs services, forensic services, and PR services experts. In addition to the cooperation with external consultants, we have our inhouse consultants who serve as an interface and create added value to our solutions.

Connecting markets

LGP Slovakia serves as a cornerstone of our law firm’s international set-up and we help clients enter new markets in Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and China. Together with our colleagues based in Vienna, Belgrade, Astana, and Baku we form "international desks" and solve a wide range of legal issues in day-to-day business life. Our network includes partner firms in over 50 jurisdictions.

Bridging boundaries

We believe pro-active public aiffairs work can be crucial to the sustainability of a clients' economic, political, and legal relations. Our support involves management issues and representing stakeholders' interest.